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A limited number of contributed papers covering original, unpublished work on the Conference topics will be accepted for presentation.

Each author must submit the contributed paper categorization form and one copy of following:

  • A 35 - word abstract typed double spaced on separate sheet of paper and arranged with the title at the top of the page. Below the title, type the author's name, affiliation, complete return address, and the body of abstract. Avoid using scientific and engineering symbols as well as acronyms in the abstract and the title. In each case of multiple authors from different institutions, each author's name and address should be listed separately after the title.
  • A summary of the presentation (one complete page, including figures, tables, and reference) is typed one and half spaced within a 15cm x 22 cm rectangular area, using preferably 12 pt Times Roman typeface. The summary must include the title (centered, capitalized) at the top of the page, followed by author's name(s), affiliation(s), complete return address(es) (centered), and body of the summary. The abstract should not be repeated. Because contributed papers will be selected on the base of summary, it should be informative and succinct, not descriptive. All figures have to be reduced to a maximum 5 cm wide and to be inserted in the text. Use black ink, white paper. Do not use asterisks, acknowledgments, and footnotes. Cite references at the end of the summary.
  • Submission. Abstract, summary and paper categorization form may be submitted
    before May 30, 2009:

    • by e-mail as attached files to address: or to;
    • by post to address: Institute on Laser and Information Technologies,
          1 Svyatoozerskaya St., Shatura 140700, Moscow Region, RUSSIA
      or to address: "OPTELA-Laser Technologies" JSCo
          1, Prof Zvetan Lazarov Str., 4023 Plovdiv, BULGARIA


    Paper title ________________________________________________________

    Corresponding author _______________________________________________

    Presentation form (poster, oral) _______________________________________

    Address __________________________________________________________


    Phone ___________________________________________________________

    Fax _____________________________________________________________


Download the Form   - MS Word file.
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